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PKF International Event News • 2021-08-24

The Africa Tax Webinar

As a global network of over 220 firms, we take pride in working together on key services. The recent efforts of our Global Tax Committee can be seen in the EU Tax Guide, our regular Doing Business in Guides, and our flagship publication, the Worldwide Tax Guide. The latest offering of this group is a free 90-minute webinar on Doing Business in Africa

Join us for our free Doing Business in Africa Webinar on the 14th of September, when tax experts from our member firms in South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Mauritius explore current tax highlights and implications in key countries across the continent, and how these affect doing business in Africa. 

Our 90-minute webinar will give you critical insights into the impact of transfer pricing, double tax treaties, and new regulations and empower you and your clients to tap into the business opportunities in the African continent has to offer.

“The launch of our Doing Business in Africa webinar aims to provide insight into withholding taxes and implications across several key jurisdictions in Africa. It also provides a unique opportunity for companies to raise their questions to a panel of professional accountants.”

Paul Gering, Tax Partner, PKF Durban

Click Here to register for the event hosted on Zoom. 

Meet our speakers:

Stefaan De Ceulaer,
PKF International’s Director of Tax and Legal Support

Stefaan is a seasoned tax professional with 23 years of experience in mainly international tax law. He started in a private practice in one of Belgium's best tax law offices, then went into corporate (telecoms and extractive industries). He is also a fully qualified barrister.


Paul Gering,
 Tax Partner, PKF Durban

Paul completed his articles in 1993 at David Strachan & Tayler one of the firms which later became known as PKF Durban, in South Africa, and now chairs the National Tax Committee. 

Paul is also a member of the SAICA Eastern Region Tax Committee and SAIT Corporate Tax Committee and also serves on the PKF International Tax Committee. He was admitted as a director in 1997 and serves on the executive committee and the national tax committee.

Paul specialises in trusts and Dispute Resolution with SARS. He also heads up the tax department in the Durban firm. He is widely revered for his tax knowledge and each year produces the PKF tax booklet which is distributed nationwide.

Kubashni Moodley,
Tax Partner, PKF Durban 

Kubashni completed her articles at PKF David Strachan and Tayler which later became known as PKF Durban in South Africa. After completing her articles, she remained with the audit department in a supervisory role for a year before transferring to the tax department in 2010 where she was promoted to Partner in 2013. 

Kubashni is a member of the National Tax Committee. She specialises in corporate restructures and dispute resolution with SARS. She also assists extensively with the production of the PKF tax booklet which is distributed nationwide.

Find out more about PKF Durban here

James Mulili,
Tax Director, PKF Kenya 

James has over ten years of professional tax experience, having previously served at Deloitte & Touche. His tax experience spans all the key sectors of the Kenyan economy. He has been involved in assisting taxpayers to register for taxes, reconciliation of the statement of accounts, tax compliance & monitoring, tax refunds processing, tax restructuring, and Transfer Pricing reviews and policy formulations. 

James has a wide knowledge of all tax heads i.e. Value Added (VAT) Tax, Pay As You Earn, Corporation Tax, Withholding Tax, Customs and Excise, and Transfer Pricing.

Find out more about PKF Kenya here 

Busayo Olawole,
Senior Tax Consultant, PKF Professional Services (Nigeria)

Busayo Olawole works as a Senior Tax Consultant with over three years of experience. He is a qualified accountant with the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and an Advanced Financial Management Tutor under the ACCA programme.

Find out more about PKF Professional Services (Nigeria) here 

Salim Jhumka,
Director, Port Louis Management Services 

Salim is the Director of Port Louis Management Services Ltd, a corporate service provider in the Mauritius global business sector and an associated firm to PKF Mauritius. 

Salim’s qualifications include Fellow of the Association of Chartered, Certified Accountants, England (FCCA), Associate Member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, England (STEP).

Find out more about Port Louis Management Services here

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