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PKF International Event News • 2022-02-15

IME External Webinar - Global Mobility Forecast and Trends

Programme description

The disruption brought about by the pandemic has reshaped the way we work and approach globally mobile employees. This has emphasised the need for comprehensive and timely mobile policies to be aligned with evolving realities. This virtual event will cover the new trends of Global Mobility and compliance in various countries, as well as best practices to support mobile employees in these challenging times. Are you struggling with setting up payroll? Unsure of how to manage employees’ expectations? Join this event for help, guidance and insights.

Target Audience

PKF (prospective) clients, business and HR teams managing internationally mobile employees and global mobility stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding client’s needs with regards to remote working
  • Employee compliance and corporate compliance with regard to global mobility

About the Speakers

Leo Parmegiani has been a tax partner with PKF O’Connor Davies (New York) for over 30 years and serves as the international liaison partner for North America for PKF International. Leo has considerable expertise in a broad range of tax specialty areas and is the IME pillar leader within the PKF network.

Marco Chong is a tax manager at PKF O’Connor Davies (New York). He has over 10 years’ experience providing tax advisory, planning and compliance services. Prior to joining the firm, he was with one of the Big Four. Marco also specialises in international taxation for global employees, is a senior committee member of the IME pillar and is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese.

Phil Broadbery is Technology Partner at PKF Littlejohn.  Data protection and service improvement through automation and analytics are two areas of focus since joining the firm.  Prior to joining PKF Littlejohn in 2019, Phil worked at PKF International on multiple network collaboration and facilitation projects.

Louise Fryer is a Director in PKF Littlejohn’s Tax team and leads their global mobility team. Louise has over 20 years’ experience, including 14 years with the Big Four. She works with her clients to understand the intricacies of international issues such as tax policy design, assignment tax planning, cross border share plans, payroll and individual tax compliance. Louise is a member of HMRC’s joint forum for Expatriate Tax and National Insurance, a partnership between HMRC, employers and professional advisers to improve the operation of tax for inbound and outbound secondments.

Thorsten Haake is a senior manager and qualified tax advisor and has been with PKF Fasselt Schlage (Duisburg) since 2001. Prior to joining the firm he was with the Big Four. Thorsten has a wealth of experience in working on international tax matters, including but not limited to, cross-border issues, tax audits, tax compliance and VAT issues. He also advises on international inheritance matters.

Elmer van Lienen is the tax partner in Employment Tax and Payroll at PKF Wallast in the Netherlands and has over 20 years’ experience in this area. Prior to joining PKF Wallast he was with the Big Four. Elmer is a seasoned author on global employment tax matters and lectures at the University of Amsterdam for applied science and the University of Tilburg.

If you missed the webinar, you can watch the video here

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