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Insights • 2020-06-25

Social Media during COVID-19

The pandemic has and will continue to affect us all in a myriad of different ways. It has provided an opportunity for new technologies and policies to emerge, which will help us advance as a business, as a network, and as a community. What has become abundantly clear during this time is that it is essential for entities like ours to demonstrate positivity and lead by example, ensuring we live our brand values in how we treat our staff and our clients.

It’s vital we think about how we react to a crisis. I’m proud to see the ways the firms within our network have addressed the situation, by pivoting their strategies and showcasing their people’s and structure’s resilience during this time.

Nowhere is this more visible than on our social media channels. I was recently invited to contribute to a white paper on how professional services firms are navigating social media during COVID-19. In the paper, prepared by MD Communications, my comments were included where I said, “social media is our shop window to the world. Everything on display reflects our core values and demonstrates that we are resilient, yet human, and very much open for business.”

We can use the multiplicity of channels across our network, all delivering quality content to an audience of hundreds of thousands, to show flexibility and fortitude during difficult times, as well as reassure clients and our community as a whole, by drawing on the strong connections and dedication of the entire network.

We owe our continued success to the people in our network, so thank you to you all for rising to the occasion during these testing times.

Theo Vermaak, PKF CEO

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