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United ambitions and collective vision

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Network News • 2023-02-14

Theo Vermaak,
PKF Global


Sarah Allman,
Head of Brand,
PKF Global


Heather Newby,
Head of Comms,
PKF Global


Our brand journey

PKF, or Pannell Kerr Forster as we were once known, was formed by four firms in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States in 1969. Since then, over 200 PKF International member firms all over the world have united in their ambitions, values and standards under one brand.

Why embark on the journey?

We are proud of our history and everything we have achieved as a community over the past 54 years, but also recognise the need to accurately reflect what we do, how we operate, and how we empower our member firms to meet the evolving needs of today’s clients.

We asked ourselves, and our members, if our identity, messaging and values fairly represented the diversity of our membership, their clients, and our extensive offerings to the professional services sector. The answer was clear, so we plotted a route…

The route

We were determined not to change for the sake of it. Change had to be meaningful and have purpose. We asked our members, new and old, what it meant to them, and their clients, to be a part of the PKF Family and what change, if any, they would like to see from their network.

The overriding sentiment was beautiful in its simplicity. Members felt a sense of belonging to a global community that is built on trust and a common desire to deliver excellence in a practical way. From this, our brand behaviours, personality, tone, style and identity were born.

Our behaviours: As a global community, we are committed to driving change, acting with togetherness and staying human.

The destination

Our visual identity is confident, approachable and impactful, and represents the five regions within our global community. The sections within the icon overlap, as do our ambitions and aspirations. We are as diverse as our colour palette suggests and we have respected our members’ inherent love of vibrant colours. Our typography reflects our softer side and pays tribute to those small, human interactions that make the big things possible.

Our identity has movement; we are a community that is constantly evolving and adapting. With the forward momentum of our united strength, we are a community that can achieve anything.

It's been a busy year but we’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved together.

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