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Network News • 2023-12-13

PKF Antares awarded B Corp certification

PKF Antares, our member firm in Canada, has recently achieved the acclaimed B Corporation certification. This means that they’ve been independently endorsed as meeting a high standard of social and environmental performance.

The accreditation comes after a rigorous assessment process which saw PKF Antares benchmarked against thousands of other businesses in five key categories (governance, workers, community, the environment and customers). The comprehensive assessment evaluates a business’s performance across a range of factors, from employee benefits and career development to charitable giving and diversity, equity and inclusion. 

With an overall score of 81.5, the firm has far surpassed the median score of 50.9 attained by ordinary businesses that complete the assessment. What’s more, PKF Antares joins only a handful of accounting and audit firms worldwide that are B Corp certified.

Erhan B, a principal at PKF Antares, said, ‘This certification is proof of our standards and policies which show that we value our employees, we are fair to them and we hire from under-represented groups. When new clients are looking for a cause-driven vendor, our company will come up high in the rankings.’

We’re very proud of the team at PKF Antares for their commitment to upholding high standards to benefit their people, communities and the planet. Find out more about the firm and the services offered here.

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