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Network News • 2021-11-16

PKF Attest promotes youth entrepreneurship in Spain

Our member firm in Spain, PKF Attest, has recently signed an agreement to collaborate with the Spanish Confederation of Young Entrepreneurs Associations (CEAJE).

CEAJE is an independent non-profit organisation which represents the interests of young entrepreneurs in Spain. Working with more than 18,500 individuals and 21,000 companies, CEAJE strives to create opportunities and improve competitiveness for its members.

PKF Attest is well placed to support CEAJE, not only because the two organisations share the values of passion and professionalism, but also because PKF Attest’s founders faced similar challenges to those encountered by CEAJE associates when the PKF Attest business was established more than 30 years ago.

Fermín Albaladejo, President of CEAJE says, ‘Having a firm that knows first-hand the difficulties that young entrepreneurs face on a daily basis is the best formula to be able to offer them the solutions they need. Thanks to PKF Attest we will be able to continue extending that helping hand and support to our young entrepreneurs, accompanying them on the path they have chosen.’

As one of the top ten leading professional services firms in Spain, PKF Attest’s support will be invaluable to CEAJE. CEAJE associates will be able to draw on the experience of PKF Attest’s 600 professionals and their expertise in the fields of legal and tax advice, economic consulting and business finance and regulation to name but a few.

To find out more about PKF Attest in Spain, please click here.

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