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Network News • 2020-03-06

PKF Celebrates International Women’s Day

As we celebrate our 50th year as a network, International Women’s Day (IWD) gives us the opportunity to mark the global achievements of our PKF Women past, present and future.

Forty-five years ago, PKF’s Dorothy Hall became the first female partner in charge of any accounting firm in North America. Today, our network of over 220 firms celebrates thousands of female partners carving out the future of our profession.

I see on a daily basis our social media channels bursting with success stories of our network’s driven female leaders, graduates and new recruits - all on a journey to achieving their ambitious goals.

I speak with many of these individuals during our global events and am evermore certain that positioning employee wellbeing at the heart of our strategy is the best way to empower talent to grow in a truly meritocratic environment.

While we take the opportunity of IWD to recognise how firms in our network are already challenging stereotypes,and recognising and welcoming diversity, this is already something that we continuously seek to embed in our daily culture.

Watch our PKF International Women's Day Video.

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