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Network News • 2019-03-28

PKF Fasselt Schlage opens three new offices

On 1 January 2019, PKF Fasselt Schlage opened branches in Erfurt and Magdeburg. During February 2019, the Düsseldorf location was also open.

With the move to the new offices on Günterstraße in Erfurt and with the two other branches, PKF Fasselt Schlage is now represented in a total of 12 locations. "Erfurt is an attractive business location that offers us further market potential. With the opening of the new location we will be able to offer our consulting competence and special technical expertise to clients and interested parties directly on site. Personal proximity is particularly important to us," says PKF partner Peter Jahn. The main areas of activity at the Erfurt location include the energy industry and the public sector.

In Magdeburg, PKF Fasselt Schlage has established a branch in Hegelstraße by taking over Gliemer Magdeburg Partnerschaft mbB: "We are very pleased that Gliemer's partners have trustfully placed their firm in our hands," says managing partner Frank Villwock. Both companies have an existing, successful and long-standing relationship.

Peter Behrbohm, partner at Gliemer added: "We are sure that with PKF Fasselt Schlage we have found a company that thinks and works like we do. We have made our decision in the interests of our clients and employees". Peter Behrbohm and Henning Stoltz will accompany the client for another two years. Klaus-Henning Wachsmuth will  be available to clients after this period. All Gliemer employees were taken over as of January 2019.

In February 2019, a location will open in Düsseldorf. By moving into the new offices, "Sky Office" in a central location, PKF Fasselt Schlage is also strengthening its local presence along the Rhine axis together with the existing offices in Duisburg and Cologne: "By opening a new office in Düsseldorf we are able to offer our consulting expertise and special technical expertise in the areas of corporate finance, taxes, law and IT directly on site. This applies equally to clients such as Metro AG, but also to well-known medium-sized companies, family offices and non-profit organisations, in particular foundations," says managing partner Arnd Schienstock.

In line with the growing need of domestic and foreign clients for cross-border advice, they also benefit from the resources of the PKF International network in 150 countries and from the country-specific competence centres already established at PKF Fasselt Schlage for China, North America and Russia.

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