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Network News • 2019-04-03

PKF International Welcomes New Correspondent Firm in Brunei Darussalam

PKF International Limited has strengthened its global coverage with the admission of Precision Consultancy as an independent exclusive correspondent firm in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam.

Precision Consultancy was founded 35 years ago on the 19 March 1984. The firm specialises in business solutions and accounting advisory services to a wide range of clients, particularly small and medium sized enterprises. The firm is proud to emphasize that most of their clients today have witnessed the growth of the firm throughout its history, whilst also achieving their own successful development over the years. The firm currently services more than 200 small and medium sized enterprises either owned locally or by overseas investors.

Yun Chin Lee, authorised representative of Precision Consultancy, said “With the 4.0 industrial revolution and globalisation, the profession is undergoing disruption with the development of AI and is evolving with constant change. The decision to join PKF at this juncture is a natural progression, giving Precision Consultancy a global prospective in terms of professional standards of work execution and staff training needs, and building on the fact that the firm is already operating successfully in Brunei Darussalam. Our experience in dealing with PKF during the assessment stage of our membership was a thoroughly smooth and professional process. We believe that being part of the PKF family means we will not be left behind, but instead be able to stay afloat with the changes happening to the profession, and become more connected with the world with a new competitive edge.”

PKF International CEO, James Hickey, said: "Networks are rare in Brunei Darussalam, so we are really delighted to welcome Precision Consultancy to the PKF family as we continue to expand and strengthen the PKF brand. Precision Consultancy fits well with our value proposition of Quality with Integrity, and also meets our strategic objective of expanding geographical presence in ASEAN and Asia Pacific as a whole.”

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