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Network News • 2022-02-04

PKF International welcomes new member firm in West Africa

Our presence in West Africa continues to grow as we welcome PKF Rubiks to the network. The new member, headquartered in Dakar, is a full-service tax, accounting and business advisory firm.

Managing Partner, Papa Bathie Gueye commented “We’re delighted to join the PKF International family as a full member. Membership in this very prestigious network will provide PKF Rubiks with the necessary tools to assist its international clients in bridging the gap with the Senegalese market. This is yet another milestone in our journey to perfect our craft for the benefit of our stakeholders, clients and staff who are our important assets.” 

PKF International CEO, Theo Vermaak adds, “We have been looking to welcome a firm in Senegal for some time, one that shares our values and is the right fit for the PKF family. I am confident that we have found this with Papa and the team at PKF Rubiks and am looking forward to an exciting future together."

For further information on PKF Rubiks please visit www.rubiksadvisory.com/about

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