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Network News • 2022-04-01

PKF International welcomes PKF Doyles

We take great pleasure in welcoming another firm to the PKF family in New Zealand. PKF Doyles, formerly Doyle & Associates, has three offices located in Whanganui, Turangi and Ohakune and provides services in accounting, assurance, tax and business solutions consulting. 

PKF Doyles Managing Director, Matthew Doyle, commented: “With the complexity of business increasing every day, we felt the need to join a progressive group of like-minded practices. This was not only to support us currently, but also allow us to grow and contribute to best practice moving forward. It has already been a pleasure meeting the other PKF New Zealand firms and we look forward to developing these new relationships.”

PKF International CEO, Theo Vermaak, said: ‘It’s been a real pleasure discussing the ambitions of PKF Doyles with Matthew and his team. Their enthusiasm and passion for our brand will be a real asset to our network, as will the energy that they bring to the table. These are exciting times for us both and I know that we are going to go on to achieve a great deal together.”  

For further information about PKF Doyles, please click here 

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