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Network News • 2021-08-04

PKF Italia advises leading content creation company

We are pleased to announce member firm PKF Italia, based in Milan, recently provided advice to PKF Certifica SA, in Switzerland, on a successful IPO transaction with IDNTT.

PKF Italia listed ID-ENTITY SA on the AIM ITALIA SpA market, which successfully debuted its stock price at €2.502 AIM Italia market, with a strong investor value exceeding €1.4M.

ID-ENTITY SA is a Marketing and Technology Content Company, that produces data driven content to encourage on-line and off-line sales and increase brand awareness for their clients.
ID-ENTITY SA is headquartered in Switzerland, with subsidiaries in Romania and Spain.
The PKF International team extends their congratulations to PKF Italia for a successful IPO completion.

Dr. Umberto Giacometti
President of PKF Italia

Dr. Christian Traviglia
Founder and President of ID-ENTITY SA

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