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Network News • 2019-06-28

PKF Malta: A Hub for Blockchain Solutions

PKF Malta has made strides to become a hub for blockchain advice and support, following the Maltese Government’s drive to raise Malta’s profile as Europe’s blockchain island in the Med. The office focuses on the advisory side as relevant to the new legislation regulating virtual financial assets. 

Malta now has new legislation and regulation around blockchain, including the Virtual Financial Assets Act, regulating issuers through a formal white paper registration process, and also regulating the process for issuers admitting qualifying DLT assets to trade.

The office has launched various methods to provide advice on this new legislation, including:

  • Leading road shows in China, Japan, Vietnam, Switzerland and Amsterdam 
  • Launching a 'bitpod' (quasi-lab) offering office and training space to start-ups and encouraging migration of VCs to Malta
  • Holding informal meet-up sessions for industry, start-ups and investors
  • Producing a series of free educational webinars with expert guests

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