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Network News • 2022-03-25

PKF member firms rally together in Ukraine aid efforts

Members of the PKF family around the world have come together over recent weeks to offer practical support and raise vital funds for those affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.


Member firm PKF hospitality group launched #HospitalityHelps, an online booking platform for short-term hotel stays for people fleeing the war in Ukraine. The initiative aims to provide temporary hotel accommodation free of charge to Ukrainian residents who are forced to leave their homes because of the war. Around the clock language support is also available through #HospitalityHelps.

Global CEO of PKF hospitality group, Michael Widmann, explains, “It started with one family needing a rest, after a gruesome 72-hour drive. Now we provide, day by day, a rest in a warm and comfortable bed to hundreds of families. This is hospitality at its best. After 33 years of delivering hospitality consulting services at PKF, this is the one thing where I feel like I have made a difference.”

The #HospitalityHelps scheme was initiated by PKF hospitality group, The Bench, HotelSwaps, Moodley, Museum Booster and Zoocham, and is now supported by the world’s leading hospitality groups as well as independent hotels. In total, 33,575 room nights have been made available to displaced Ukrainian residents in over 300 hotels across 38 countries.

PKF Poland Ukraine Support Team

PKF Poland has established a Ukraine Support Team to offer practical assistance to Ukrainian refugees. In addition to helping Ukrainian families find suitable accommodation and access to basic necessities, PKF Poland has offered employment to refugees who have experience in the services the firm provides.

Through its Ukraine Support Team, PKF Poland has launched a fundraising campaign to encourage donations to Ukrainian refugees, entitled ‘PKF help for the Ukrainians’. This scheme is connected to the official Polish Humanitarian Action campaign.

PKF Smith Cooper sponsored walk

Colleagues at PKF Smith Cooper, one of our UK member firms, are raising funds for families in Ukraine by completing a sponsored walk. The challenge will see the group walk 4,872 km during the month of March, being the distance of a round trip between PKF Smith Cooper’s head office in Derby, England and Kyiv, Ukraine. All donations received will be sent to PKF Helps, a programme created by PKF hospitality group to facilitate monetary donations to Ukrainians in need.

For more information on these initiatives, please visit our dedicated Ukraine Aid page on our website.

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