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Network News • 2021-04-15

PKF Octagon appoints new Managing Partner

We are delighted to welcome Waldek Wasowicz into his new role at PKF Octagon. Waldek is an Exco member at both PKF Octagon and PKF South Africa and a Founding Partner of PKF Ignite. Coupled with a strong global outlook, his passion for technology and his people-centric approach perfectly places him to lead the firm in line with its current growth objectives.

As part of the firm’s growth and leadership succession strategy, Taryn will continue to assist Waldek during the transition period and will continue to serve as a Partner at the firm.

Waldek’s areas of expertise include; auditing, independent reviews, compilations, tax, advisory, mergers & acquisitions, BEE deal structuring

'I am very excited to have been elected by our leadership team as the next Managing Partner. I would like to thank Cliff for his committed leadership, guidance, and vision and look forward to working alongside him during the transition period.'  - Waldek Wasowicz 

Find out more about Waldek Wasowicz here

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