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Network News • 2021-02-18

PKF Singapore recognised as top employer in Asia

We’re delighted that PKF Singapore has been named as one of “2020 Asia’s Top Employers” by Asia’s leading brand recognition think tank, Influential Brands, which exists to celebrate “Champions of Excellence” in the region.

The recognition is the result of an extensive survey in July 2020, which looked at company culture and employee engagement, conducted in collaboration with aAdvantage Consulting firm, Influential Brand’s research partner. This year, the awards focused on firms which demonstrated outstanding resilience during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A spokesperson from Influential Brands said: “The awardees surpassed industry standards in having meaningful employee engagement, strong alignment between employee and company culture and relevant HR practices in this digital age.”

The listing is based on an anonymous survey of more than 10,000 employees, with only three other businesses named in the category, so we would like to offer our hearty congratulations to the firm on this excellent achievement.

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