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Network News • 2021-10-08

PKF supports this year's World Mental Health Day

We’re proud to support this year’s World Mental Health Day on Sunday, the 10th of October. The theme for this year is ‘Mental health care for all: Let’s make it a reality.’

Making mental health care for all a reality is an ambitious goal. While many of us can say that we have helped to raise awareness around mental health, and destigmatize mental illness, how many of us can say that we have played a part in implementing a practical solution or improving access to mental health care? 

People are recognising the growing need for structures, targets, and budgets to be put in place, and for mental health to sit on the agenda of the decision-makers in order for us to drive the change we want to see. Based on the programmes I see being rolled out by our member firms, this is certainly happening across our network. It’s clear that leadership teams are taking action, and not just giving airtime to mental health. 

Member firms of all sizes across our network are supporting their employees, their clients, and their communities, whether this is through fundraising efforts to support NGOs or practical solutions like employing counsellors in places of work. 

I hope that we can all take the time this World Mental Health Day to appreciate the positive steps that are being taken towards making mental health care a reality for all, and to think about our role in taking positive action in the future.

Theo Vermaak, PKF International CEO

World Mental Health Day (WMHD) is on Sunday 10 October

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