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Network News • 2019-12-16

PKF Thailand Certifies Lucanet Professionals

PKF Thailand has certified seven LucaNet Professionals, meaning that that all the Lucanet Certified Professionals in Thailand now work for the firm, and that the majority of LucaNet Certified Professionals in South East Asia also work for PKF Thailand.

The individuals were certified following one week of training and passing a six-hour exam. This is part of a wider initiative linking three continents, together with PKF Mueller CPA in Chicago, USA and PKF Munich in Germany.

LucaNet provides financial performance management software, to aid consolidation and reporting for finance departments. It is used in over 50 countries and has more than 25,000 users, and was named market leader in the BARC Score for Financial Performance Management 2019.

Andrew McBean, CEO of PKF in Thailand, commented, saying: "This is a fantastic result from our team in Thailand! We fundamentally believe that technology adds incredible value to our clients and efficiency for us and so we are proud to lead from the front as we grasp the opportunity offered to our clients and to us by Digital Disruption. This is part of a wider initiative too, linking three PKF offices across three continents to offer multinational companies these vital and important services.”

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