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Network News • 2019-03-25

PKF TR Upadhya & Co Announces New Partner

PKF TR Upadhya & Co is pleased to announce the admission of Ms Sumitra Rijal as a new partner in the firm.  Sumitra has extensive experience in the assurance and advisory services of development sector and large corporate houses.

Her client portfolio includes entities from various industries such as international not for profit organisations, donor agencies, national level not for profit organisations, large entities in leisure, construction and professional service firms. As partner, Sumitra will be leading and development sector and the risk management practice in helping clients in Nepal, realise tangible value from their investments. Sumitra holds a Master’s degree in economics and is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal.

Sumitra will be the first female partner in the firm which is a demonstration of continued progress in its strategic priorities of developing the next generation leaders and a commitment to accelerating gender diversity and transformation at leadership level.  This development strengthens even more the dynamic and leading position of PKF T R Upadhya & Co. in Nepal.

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