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Network News • 2021-08-02

VAT in the EU Publication

Luigi Lungarella of PKF Littlejohn, with assistance from tax specialists from 27 EMEI Member firms, has authored a comprehensive country-by-country VAT publication covering all EU member states and the UK.

The publication sets out what businesses need to understand and consider when making cross-border supplies, showcasing the PKF International Indirect Tax Group’s technical ability and expert knowledge across the EU and the UK and playing a pivotal role in raising the profile of PKF as a network. The guide also acts as a country-by-country handbook on all 27 EU member states, and the UK.

For businesses operating internationally and need practical strategies to tackle the growing challenges of managing indirect taxes, this guide addresses the main considerations for the international tax professional impacting VAT in a given country.

We would like to extend our special appreciation to the following PKF members for their contribution to the publication.

Luigi Lungarella, Irfaan Abdool Wabh, Thomas Außerlechner, Nathalie Varga, Stanislav Stamenov, Diana Anticić, Yiannis Pitsillides, Radek Bartu, Peter Eriksen, Rein Ruusalu, Mikael Hedlund, Stephen Dale, Stephane Malmonte, Marco Herrmann, Christos Vlahos, Krisztián Vadkerti, Catherine McGovern, Barbara Pollicina, Matteo Maccio, Maruta Zorgenfreija, Yves Mertz, Victor Muscat, Jan Sanders, Ibrahim Ahmed, Przemysław Milczek, Anabela Silvana, Florentina Susnea, Viera Franová, Ramón Madariaga, Therese Walerholt.

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