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PKF Corporate Recovery & Insolvency (Auckland)

New Zealand - Auckland
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Empowering businesses through expert insolvency solutions and global integrity

PKF Corporate Recovery & Insolvency (Auckland) Limited ("PKF Corporate Recovery") is a boutique insolvency firm that was started by Anthony McCullagh in 1997 (formerly named Horwath Corporate (Auckland) Limited).

Anthony (Consultant) is one of the most experienced practitioners in New Zealand and understands legal requirements, given that he has a law degree and was admitted to the Bar of the High Court of New Zealand.

Chris McCullagh (Director) and Steve Lawrence (Principal) each bring their own unique experience, qualifications and skills to the firm. We can also provide you with the confidence that they are backed by a dynamic and professional team.

The firm provides specialist advice in respect of corporate recovery and related insolvency issues. While the firm is small it has a strong reputation, and has had a significant number of high profile insolvency engagements in its time. We perform assignments of varying magnitudes both within the Auckland region as well as nationally, utilising the resources of other PKF member firms where possible.

In 2011 we were one of the first New Zealand insolvency firms to have obtained cross border recognition and to have undertaken an Australian liquidation.

We pride ourselves on integrity and our ability to provide first class insolvency services to our clients with a focus on achieving economic results.

PKF Corporate Recovery & Insolvency (Auckland) Limited is a member of PKF International Limited and PKF New Zealand Limited, which are associations of legally independent member firms. PKF is a highly regarded international accounting brand, having offices in most territories throughout the world, as well as seven member firms in New Zealand alone. PKF International is a member of the Forum of Firms which ascribe to ethical and quality control requirements of the highest standard. This means that not only is PKF subject to NZICA standards, it is also reviewed by PKF International Limited.

Office Address
PKF Corporate Recovery & Insolvency (Auckland)
12-26 Swanson Street
Level 15, Swanson House
New Zealand
Key Contact
Chris McCullagh
Chris McCullagh
Tel: +64 9 302 0521
Status: Member