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PKF Al Bassam & Co.

Saudi Arabia - Al Khobar
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We are a niche of our own

The firm covers all three major Economic Centers of Saudi Arabia which are:

  • Riyadh (Central Region)
  • Jeddah (Mekkah Al Mukaramah Western Region)
  • Al Khobar (Eastern Region)

in addition to branch offices in Al Madinah Al Munawarah and Buraidah/ Qassim Region).

We are a niche of our own that provides clients with proven quality services and personal touch.

Based on this strategy the firm seeks to be the best and not necessarily the largest amongst its peers in Saudi Arabia.

Introducing Agile Business Solutions LLP (ABS)

PKF Al Bassam and Co. has supplemented their service capabilities in Saudi Arabia through their subsidiary ABS in Pakistan. For more information contact:

Farouk Shaikh
Tel: +92 321 8503540
Email: farouk.shaikh@pkf.com

Office address: 9-A, Street 30, F-8/1, Islamabad, Pakistan


Office Address
PKF Al Bassam & Co.
King Abdulah Road (Dahran Street)
Office 303/304/305, 3rd floor
Al Dewan Commercial Center (Bayt Al-Ansary)
Al Khobar
Saudi Arabia
Key Contact
 Mohamed Gamal
Mohamed Gamal
Tel: +96 654 465 3333
Status: Member