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PKF Carpentieri Colmenares & Asociados

Venezuela - Caracas
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Skilled professionals with expertise that make our services invaluable to the clients we serve

PKF Carpentieri Colmenares & Asociados (before PKF Cabrera Colmenares & Asociados), is a Venezuelan Public Accountants Firm working since 1976 and integrated in 1991 to PKF International. Since its establishment, the national firm has provided highest quality professional services and advice. This has been achieved due to the technical preparation and knowledge of our specialized partners and other professional personnel in specific sectors, and also due to our dedication to an ideal: providing effective personalized service and individual advice year after year through our partners and staff.

Office Address
PKF Carpentieri Colmenares & Asociados
Av Fco de Miranda y Tamanaco
Edf Centro Seguros Sud America, Piso 2, Ofc 2-H, El Rosal
Key Contact
Beniamino Carpentieri
Beniamino Carpentieri
Tel: +58 212 952 4050
Status: Member