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Network News • 2022-09-01

Johan Peeters


Theo Vermaak 
PKF International,


BOFIDI joins PKF International’s global community

We take great pride in welcoming a new member firm, BOFIDI, to our network. 

BOFIDI, headquartered in Belgium, has over 225 employees providing accountancy, tax, legal and financial consultancy to entrepreneurs in Flanders, Brussels and abroad.

BOFIDI’s CEO, Johan Peeters, commented, “BOFIDI now has an international presence while preserving its local identity. If our customers have international ambitions, we can offer them a high-quality service through this partnership. Together with our clients and employees, we will benefit from the strength and recognition of a global brand as well as access to global resources.”

PKF International’s CEO, Theo Vermaak, said, “It is a privilege to welcome BOFIDI to our international community. This is a firm that has proven itself to be a highly regarded and trusted advisor to entrepreneurs across Belgium, as well as an employer of choice for top consultants throughout the country. Traditional in their values and innovative in their approach, I know that they will be an asset to our network and am very excited to work alongside Johan and his colleagues as we embark on this new chapter together."

Together with our global membership, we look forward to embracing BOFIDI's unique DNA and using our collecting strength to support them in their mission to help entrepreneurs grow.

Visit BOFIDI's website for more here.

Interested in joining a global network that helps deliver your mission? Visit our ‘join us’ page here.


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