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Network News • 2021-10-28

PKF International facilitates growth with China

As a global network, we recognise the importance of supporting clients that operate in or are expanding their business into China. To further facilitate business growth between China and our member firms, we have launched a dedicated web page to allow companies to explore the vast range of capabilities and expertise on offer across our network.

We have a strong presence across Greater China, with seven firms across 40 locations, and a powerful global network of China Desk Hubs outside China that can service the changings needs of clients conducting business with China in today’s market.

Our member firms provide both international and Chinese companies a comprehensive range of services including assurance, tax, corporate finance and accounting, as well as company incorporation, HR/ payroll, outsourcing and wealth and financial planning.

They have the skills and language capabilities to support businesses with cross-border operations and draw on their experience, knowledge, and business connections to help companies succeed in a complex corporate environment.

PKF International CEO, Theo Vermaak comments, “Enhancing the growth of Chinese related business across the world, and enabling our member firms to champion this, is a priority for PKF International. Our network has a wealth of expertise and experience working with companies to develop inbound and outbound business opportunities. Directing clients to a dedicated page on our global website showcases our members’ capabilities and demonstrates to the world that we are ready to assist anyone looking to grow their business with China”.

Contact a China Desk professional Here.

View our Growing Business with China service page here

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