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Network News • 2022-05-17

PKF Poland named one of top audit firms in Poland


We are proud to report that our member firm, PKF Poland, has performed incredibly well across the board in the latest Ranking of Auditors produced by the leading Polish publications, Rzeczpospolita and Gazeta Giełdy i Inwestorów Parkiet.

PKF Poland achieved sixth place in the category of 2022 Best Audit Firms in Poland. In addition, the independent member firm was listed at number seven in both the Best Auditor of Listed Companies rankings and in terms of the number of audited companies on the stock exchange. PKF Poland was also named the second most active audit firm on the NewConnect market, the alternative trading system operated by the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

PKF International CEO, Theo Vermaak, said, “I am delighted to see our member firms receiving the recognition they deserve. This latest success follows a host of recent achievements by member firms in the US and Australia. Congratulations to the audit team at PKF Poland for delivering such impressive results.”

For more information about the services offered by PKF in Poland, please click here.


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