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Network News • 2022-04-27

PKF-CAP LLP featured in Good Company Report 2021/22

We are delighted to report that PKF-CAP LLP, our member firm in Singapore, has been featured in Enterprise Singapore’s Good Company Report 2021/22.

Enterprise Singapore is a government agency which champions enterprise development, working with Singapore companies to build capabilities, innovate and promote global expansion. The Good Company Report is published as part of Enterprise Singapore’s Global Ready Talent Programme, an initiative which helps Singapore SMEs create a pipeline of global-ready talent by exposing more Singaporeans to internships and overseas work opportunities. 

PKF-CAP is showcased in the inaugural edition of the Good Company Report, not only for providing exceedingly positive and quality internship experiences but also for displaying strong human capital capabilities. Companies are featured based on feedback from former Global Ready Talent interns and in recognition of their fair and progressive talent practices. The report was compiled after surveying more than 5,500 students and involved 1,400 local companies.

PKF-CAP was commended for its focus on people and its family-oriented culture. The firm offers its employees and interns a wealth of opportunities to broaden their skills, from knowledge sharing to secondment experiences. Lee Eng Kian, Managing Partner and Head of Audit and Assurance at PKF-CAP, said, “We celebrate unique talents and experiences through the shared values of passion, teamwork, clarity, quality and integrity. We will support individuals to be their best self.”

Theresa Tay Wei Ling recently completed an internship at PKF-CAP and was interviewed for the Good Company Report. Her experience far exceeded her expectations. She explained, “My internship was very fulfilling. PKF-CAP exposed me to different kinds of work in the auditing world. I built a strong foundation, which I might not have achieved if I had joined a much bigger firm.”

The company profile for PKF-CAP, as featured in the Good Company Report 2021/22, is available here. Please click here for further information about the services provided by PKF-CAP.

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