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Counter Fraud Services

How can we help you?

We have a global Counter Fraud Services team which works with clients whatever the problem, wherever the place. We help clients to react to an adverse event or to better protect themselves against such events in the future. We have delivered such services across every continent, including in some of the most difficult countries in which to operate.

Our team is staffed by expert specialists in PKF firms across the world, with a high-level national and international track record built up over many years. We have advised clients of many different types and sizes, including governments, major national and international companies and high profile charities. PKF have the capacity to focus this global knowledge and experience wherever it is required.

Uniquely, we manage the largest databases in the world concerning the nature and cost of fraud. These contain seventeen years of data concerning 380 loss measurement exercises from many countries and across 40 types of expenditure with a total value of £9.76 trillion. We also manage the largest database in the world concerning fraud resilience (the government-accepted measure of protection against fraud) with data from over 1100 organisations and across most sectors. These databases enable us to provide sector-specific and bespoke advice to clients - our focus is on helping clients to better protect themselves against fraud and to reduce its cost.

We provide a range of services, including:

PKF’s Counter Fraud Services team has extensive experience in working with clients to investigate cases of fraud. We support organisations across the globe, including multi-nationals, central and local government, charities, as well as many small and medium sized enterprises to identify fraud, to determine those responsible and to take action to recover the funds lost. Our skilled and qualified counter fraud specialists have dealt with complex enquiries, involving evidence gathering across a range of jurisdictions that have resulted in criminal prosecutions, civil litigation and tribunals.

PKF’s specialists work to assess risk and to identify the strengths and weaknesses of related controls. Fraud is a highly dynamic phenomenon, best thought of as similar to a clinical virus and continually mutating and changing as fraudsters seek the greatest return for the least risk. We can help your organisation to defend itself against this threat.Risk

PKF firms work to provide the professional support that is needed in the course of any litigation - quantifying losses, tracking and recovering assets. Information that we have gathered has been used successfully to support cases being taken forward in many jurisdictions across the world and our specialist staff have a proud track record of giving evidence as witnesses in court proceedings.

PKF specialists provide training for staff, managers and executives across the world. We identify and highlight the issues, highlight respective responsibilities and explain what needs to be done. In doing this we help to grow and mobilise the honest majority and deter and shrink the dishonest minority, thereby establishing strong anti-fraud cultures.

Our data analysis specialists deploy the latest techniques to identify potential fraud (and error), as well as the process and systems weaknesses which have allowed them to occur. Our services include data visualisation, digital communications analysis and many other techniques. We aim to let the data tell its story and to provide the information needed to make high quality decisions.


Why do you need us?

The latest global research shows that losses to fraud average 5.6% of an organisation’s expenditure with losses increasing by almost 30% since 2007. The return on investment in fraud prevention can be as high as 12:1 with a reduction in fraud-related losses of up to 40% within 12 months. We have a strategic partnership with Europe’s premier research institute on fraud, the Centre for Counter Fraud Studies at the University of Portsmouth. Jim Gee, our Global Head of Counter Fraud Services, is also Visiting Professor and Chair of the Centre.

A free on-line Self-Assessment Fraud Resilience (SAFR) tool
We have a free on-line Self-Assessment Fraud Resilience (SAFR) tool at www.pkf-safr.com which takes just a few minutes to complete but which provides a fraud resilience rating, a relative ranking against the 1100 other organisations whose data we hold, and an indicative percentage figure for losses to fraud which is calibrated against the fraud resilience rating.

Fraud Cost and Resilience Reviews
We also provide more in-depth Fraud Cost and Resilience Reviews, looking at exactly where protection may be weak and providing comprehensive answers to the two key questions for any organisation:

  • How much does fraud cost us? and
  • How well protected are we against fraud?

Once we have identified the strengths and weaknesses in an organisation we can then advise on improvements and raise levels of fraud resilience.

A Fraud Loss Measurement and Reduction exercise
A key step may also be a Fraud Loss Measurement and Reduction exercise, as by knowing the nature and scale of the problem we can make sure the right solution is applied. The Counter Fraud Services team has a track record of cutting the cost of fraud by up to 40% within 12 months with up to a 12:1 return on the cost of our fees.

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