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Penetration Testing

What is Pentest?

Pentest is short for penetration test. This measures the security of a computer system, network or application by simulating an attack by a malicious hacker. It analyses the system for weaknesses, technical flaws and vulnerabilities, just as a potential attacker would do. We can perform it either outside your external security perimeter or inside it, to demonstrate exactly how well your system would withstand an attack.

The key benefits of Pentest?

  • Enhances overall security - Pentest gives you a quick and low cost overview of your infrastructure security and resilience to attacks.
  • Addresses risks - Data breaches, service disruption and website defacements are just a few of the serious risks to your business, which our Pentest can easily mitigate.
  • Justify IT investments - We can evaluate how secure your system is and how well developed. You can then use our Pentest as a signoff tool before accepting a site or service developed by a third party.
  • Qualify for compliance - Personal data protection act, PCI-DSS and ISO27001 are just some of the standards requested by clients these days. A successful Pentest will be a key part of passing these standards.