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China - Qingdao City
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Empowering clients and businesses across sectors with quality services and value creation

PKF ZXC is one of the leading accounting firms in China and is licensed by the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission to undertake audits of listed companies on the Mainland Stock Exchange. PKF ZXC offers expertise of over 1600 employees including 600+ Certified Public Accountants. With head office in Beijing, PKF ZXC has 35 offices located in all the major cities in China.

PKF ZXC serves a wide range of clients from national projects to private enterprises in various sectors including financial institutions, telecommunications, natural resources, pharmacy, transportation, publishing, agricultural and real estate.

We also offer large and medium-size enterprises internal control design and feasibility study of investment projects.We emphasis on quality and efficiency, we create value to clients and make positive contributions to society.

Office Address
Room 1-703, 100 Nanjing Road
Shinan District
Qingdao City
Key Contact
Gengchun Yao
Gengchun Yao
Tel: + 86 10 5280 5600
Status: Member